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Educational Acronyms



The following is not an exhaustive list, but is intended to assist with the many acronyms that board members may come into contact during their service.

AASA – American Association of School Administrators

ACT – American College Testing

ADA – Americans with Disabilities Act

ADD – Attention Deficit Disorder

ADHD – Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

AFT – American Federation of Teachers

AP – Advanced Placement

APS – Atlanta Public Schools

ARCHE – Atlanta Regional Consortium for Higher Education

ASL – American Sign Language

ASP – After School Program

AYP – Adequate Yearly Progress

BOE – Board of Education

BST – Basic Skills Test

CBA – Curriculum Based Assessment

CCSSO – Council of Chief State School Officers

CEU – Continuing Education Unit

CIS – Communities in Schools

CRCT – Criterion-Referenced Competency Test

CSSO – Chief State School Officer

CYCC – Children and Youth Coordinating Council

DFACS – Department of Family and Children Services

DOE – Department of Education

DHR – Department of Human Resources

DJJ – Department of Juvenile Justice

DTAE – Department of Technical and Adult Education

EBD – Emotional and Behavioral Disorder

ECC – Education Coordinating Council

ECE – Early Childhood Education

ECS – Education Commission of the States

EIP – Early Intervention Program

EOCT – End-of-Course Test

ESEA – Elementary and Secondary Education Act

ESOL – English to Speakers of Other Languages

ESP – Education Support Personnel

ETS – Educational Testing Service

FAPE – Free and Appropriate Public Education

FTE – Full-time Equivalent

FY – Fiscal Year

GACIS – Georgia Association of Curriculum and Instructional Supervisors

GACTE – Georgia Association of Colleges of Teacher Educators

GaDOE – Georgia Department of Education

GAE – Georgia Association of Educators

GAEA – Georgia Art Education Association

GAEL – Georgia Association of Educational Leaders

GAESP – Georgia Association of Elementary School Principals

GAICTE – Georgia Association of Independent Colleges of Teacher Education

GAMEIS – Georgia Association of Managers of Educational Information Systems

GAMSP – Georgia Association of Middle School Principals

GaPIE – Georgia Association of Partners in Education

GASBO – Georgia Association of School Business Officials

GASP – Georgia Association of School Psychologists

GASSP – Georgia Association of Secondary School Principals

GED – General Education Development (Diploma)

GHEA – Georgia Home Education Association

GHP – Governor’s Honors Program

GHSA – Georgia High School Association

GHSGT – Georgia High School Graduation Test

GHSWT – Georgia High School Writing Test

G-KAP-R – Georgia Kindergarten Assessment Program – Revised

GIMS – Georgia Initiative in Math and Science

GKAP – Georgia Kindergarten Assessment Program

GLC – Georgia Learning Connections

GMEA – Georgia Music Educators Association

GPA – Grade Point Average

GPB – Georgia Public Broadcasting

GPEE – Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education

GPPF – Georgia Public Policy Foundation

GSAMS – Georgia Statewide Academic and Medical System

GSBA – Georgia School Boards Association

GSCA – Georgia School Counselors Association

GSDC – Georgia Staff Development Council

GSEI – Georgia Superintendent Evaluation Instrument

GSFSA – Georgia School Food Service Association

GSPRA – Georgia School Public Relations Association

GSSA – Georgia School Superintendents Association

GTAPP – Georgia Teacher Alternative Preparation Program

GTEP – Georgia Teachers Evaluation Program

GTFC – Georgia Teaching Force Center

GTOI – Georgia Teachers Observation Instrument 

GVA – Georgia Vocational Association

H/H – Hospital/Homebound

HEA – Higher Education Act

HEIR – Home Education Information Resource

HOPE – Helping Outstanding Pupils Educationally

HOTS – Higher Order Thinking Skills

IB – International Baccalaureate

IDEA – Individuals with Disabilities Education Act

IEP – Individualized Education Plan

INTASC - Interstate New Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium

IQ – Intelligence Quotient

ISS – In-school Suspension

ITBS – Iowa Test of Basic Skills

IU – Instructional Unit

K - Kindergarten

K-12 – Kindergarten through Grade 12

KIPP – Knowledge is Power Program

LD – Learning Disability

LEA – Local Education Agency

LEP – Limited English Proficient

MIMH – Mildly Mentally Handicapped

MOMH – Moderately Mentally Handicapped

NAEP – National Assessment of Educational Progress (National Report Card)

NAESP – National Association of Elementary School Principals

NASBE – National Association of State Boards of Education

NASDC – New American Schools Development Corporation

NASSP – National Association of Secondary School Principals

NBC – National Board Certification

NCES – National Center for Education Statistics

NCLB – No Child Left Behind Act

NEA – National Education Association

NGA – National Governor’s Association

NIH – National Institutes of Health

NRT – Norm-Referenced Test

NSBA – National School Boards Association

NSF – National Science Foundation

NSPRA – National School Public Relations Association

NTE – National Teachers’ Examination

O.C.G.A. – Official Code of Georgia

OERI – Office of Educational Research and Improvement, U.S. Department of Education

OSR – Office of School Readiness

OSS – Out-Of-School Suspension

PAGE – Professional Association of Georgia Educators

PDP – Professional Development Plan

PDK – Phi Delta Kappa

PEC – Program for Exceptional Children

PFP – Pay for Performance

PPC – Professional Practices Commission

Pre-K – Pre-Kindergarten

PSAT – Preliminary Scholastic Assessment Test

PSC – Professional Standards Commission

PSO – Postsecondary Options Program

PTA – Parent Teacher Association

PTO – Parent Teacher Organization

PTSA – Parent-Teacher-Student Association

QBE – Quality Basic Education

QCC – Quality Core Curriculum

RBOC – Regional Educational Service Agency Board of Control

RESA – Regional Educational Service Agency

SACS – Southern Association of Colleges and Schools

SAP – Student Assistance Program

SAPA – Student Assistance Professionals Association

SAT – Scholastic Assessment Test

SBOE – State Board of Education

SIA – Special Instructional Assistance

SREB – Southern Regional Education Board

SRO – School Resource Officer

SSS – Student Support Service

SST – Student Support Team

STW – School-to-Work

TAP – Test of Achievement and Proficiency

TESOL –Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages

TFA – Teach for America

TOTY – Teacher of the Year

TRSGA – Teachers Retirement System of Georgia